Y – Manufacturers

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American Automobile Name / Manufacturers Name

Yale – Kirk Mfg. Co. Toledo, OH 1901-1905
Yale – Saginaw Motor Car Co. Saginaw, MI 1916-1918
Yank – Custom Auto Works San Diego, CA 1950
Yankee – Yankee Motor Car Co. Chicago, IL 1910
Yenko – Yenko Sportscars Cannonsburg, PA 1965-1969
York – York Automobile Co. York, PA 1905-1907

1904 Yale Touring Car

This 1904 Yale magazine advertising features a Touring Car with a 16 horsepower engine and selling for $1,600.00. The Yale is manufactured by The Kirk Mfg. Co. located in Toledo, Ohio. The Yale was known as "The Car With The Doubt and the Jar Left Out".