V – Manufacturers

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American Automobile Name / Manufacturers Name

Valliant – (see Plymouth)
Valkyrie – Fiberfab Division of Velocidad Inc. Santa Clara, CA 1967
Van – Van Motor Car Co. Grand Haven, MI 1910-1911
Van Wagoner – (see Syracuse)
Vaughan – (see Guy Vaughan Car Co. Kingston, NY 1910-1913)
V. E. (V. E. C.) – Vehicle Equipment Co. Long Island City, NY 1903-1905
Veerac – Veerac Motor Co. Anoka, MN 1913
Velie – The Velie Motor Vehicle Co. Moline, IL 1909-1916
Velie – The Velie Motor Corp. Moline, IL 1916-1928
Vera – Vera Motor Car Co. Providence, RI 1912
Veracity – Smith Truss Company Topeka, Kansas 1903-1904
Vernon – Vernon Automobile Corp. Mount Vernon, NY 1915-1920
Vetta Ventura – (see Apollo)
Victor – Victor Automobile Mfg. Co. St Louis, MO 1907-1911
Victor – Victor Motor Car Co. Philadelphia, PA 1913-1914
Victor – Richmond Cycle Car Mfg. Co. Richmond, VA 1914-1915
Victor Page – Victor W. Page Motors Corp. Farmingdale, NY 1921-1924
Viking – Viking Co. Boston, MA 1908
Viking – Olds Motor Works Lansing, MI 1929-1930
Viqueot – Viqueot Co. Long Island City, NY 1905
Virginian – Richmond Iron Works, Richmond, VA 1911-1912
Vixen – Davis Mfg. Co. Milwaukee, WI 1914
Vogue – Vogue Motor Car Co. Tiffin, OH 1917-1923
Vulcan – Vulcan Motor Car Co. Painesville, OH 1913
Vulcan – Vulcan Mfg. Co. Painesville, OH 1913-1914

1927 Velie Motors Corp. Standard Six Sedan
1927 Velie Motors Corp. Standard Six Sedan