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The Donaldsonville Auto Company, Ltd.
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In the fall of 1911 The Donaldsonville Auto Company, Ltd. was organized in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. The Donaldsonville Auto Company, Ltd. was formed to manufacture and deal in automobiles and other motor vehicles. Incorporators were K. A. Aucoin, Dr. S. Moore, Dr. V. Painchaud, Dr. Henry Le Blanc, P. H. Gilbert, A. L. Shaw, A. A. Sarrdet, A. Schoeder, Adolphe Netter, Charles H. Landry, Dr. E. K. Sims and A. Blooniensteil.

We are looking for Donaldsonville automobile photographs or vintage Donaldsonville advertising for this web page. In the mean time enjoy this Splitdorf Spark Plug ad from a vintage 1918 magazine.

1918 Splitdorf Spark Plug Magazine Ad
1918 Splitdorf Spark Plug Magazine Ad

Splitdorf Spark Plug advertising claims included – cannot chip crack or leak unlike porcelain plugs. Splitdorf plugs give complete immunity from the common troubles experienced with porcelain spark plugs due to the peculiar construction of the indestructible ruby mica core, a distinctive and exclusive feature of Splitdorf Green Jacket Spark Plugs.

To make this core India ruby mica is wound laterally around a cone shaped electrode. The electrode is then forced into its casing in such a manner that every subsequent explosion tends to make it tighter and being practically indestructible and unaffected by oil gas or heat the SPLITDORF plug stays tight and remains leakproof forever. SPLITDORF ELECTRICAL COMPANY 98 Warren Street Newark, NJ.

1913 American Automobile
1913 American Automobile

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