The Dile Automobile & The Dile Motor Car Co.

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The Dile Motor Car Co.
Reading, PA

The Dile Motor Car Co. in Reading, PA produced a light weight two passenger roadster American Automobile with wire wheels from 1913 to 1916. The Dile automobile sold for $485.00 in 1915. The name Dile derived from the first two letters of the Dile Motor Car Co. owners last name, Fred K. Dick and Irvin D. Lengel.

The company was sold to Belmount Motor Co. of Lewistown, PA in 1918. The lines of the Dile shown below give it a much larger appearance. The Dile was a light small car of 96 inch wheelbase and a tread width of 46 inches. The racy type fenders and running boards added much to the appearance plus afforded ample protection to the occupants.

1915 Dile Two Passenger Roadster
1915 Dile Two Passenger Roadster

The body has pleasing lines as can be seen in the images above and below and is finished in a dark blue. All joints were bead trimmed giving the body a panel effect. Steering wheel was at the left as most American Automobile company’s were switching from right to left by 1915. The seat measured 37 inches wide and was roomy for two people. A distance of 31 inches from from of the seat to the dash gave ample leg room.

1915 Side View Of The Dile Roadster
1915 Side View Of The Dile Roadster

This 1915 Roadster was fitted with side lamps and tail lamps, electric horn, adjustable windshield and top. Total weight of this light car was 950 pounds.

1915 Rear View Of The Dile Automobile
Rear View of The Dile Automobile

Shown above is the rear view of the Dile automobile. This image shows the
carrying space back of the seat, also the three quarter elliptic scroll end rear springs and the ample road clearance.

1915 Dile Chassis, Motor, Transmission and Rear End
1915 Dile Chassis, Motor, Transmission and Rear End

This small automobile had a powerful four cylinder engine with 87 cubic inches and a multiple disc clutch in the flywheel. The Dile had a unique sliding gear transmission and was shaft driven.

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