The 1928-1929 DeSoto Automobile & The DeSoto Motor Corporation

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The DeSoto Motor Corporation
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Detroit, Michigan

De Soto was one of the quality American Automobile in the Chrysler line and was first manufactured in 1928 and 1929. The first automobile to bear the name de Soto was manufactured in 1913 in Auburn, Indiana. However Chrysler had no connection with this early Auburn produced DeSoto.

In 1928 Chrysler purchased Dodge and introduced the new DeSoto and Plymouth. The DeSoto was a medium priced American Automobile that bridged the gap between Dodge and Chrysler. The early DeSoto was pitched just above Plymouth in size, power and price. However, the true reason for the DeSoto was to compete with Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Nash.

1928 DeSoto Six Two Door Sedan
1928 De Soto Six Two Door Sedan

Styling and general design of the 1928 and 1929 De Soto were in line with Chrysler. Evidence of that can be seen in the above 1928 De Soto advertisement – “DeSoto Six product of Chrysler engineering and manufacturing genius gives so much beauty, quality and Performance etc”.

1929 DeSoto Convertible
1929 DeSoto Convertible
The DeSoto Motor Corporation produced 7 different automobiles in 1929 with some strange names. A Sedan ($885.00), Sedan de Lyjo ($955.00), Sedan Coche ($845.00), Cupe de Lujo ($885.00), Cupe Business ($845.00), Roadster Espanol ($845.00) and Faeton ($845.00). The only color available was DeSoto blue.

The DeSoto Six was a vertical cast in block six cylinder, three inch bore, 4 1/8 inch stroke, the heads were removable, valves in side and in 1929 had a N.A.C.C. rating of 21.6 horsepower.

1929 DeSoto Sedan Coche
1929 De Soto Sedan Coche

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