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Darling Motor Company
Dayton, Ohio

The Darling Motor Company produced a five passenger touring model. The Darling was powered by a six cylinder Continental engine with 303 cubic inches. The wheel base of the Darling was a long 130 inches. All known examples were equipped with wire wheels. The cost of the Darling in 1917, $1985.00.

According to this 1917 Saturday Evening Post magazine ad below, the Darling was "The Car With The Best Features Of all" and the magazine ad on the right states “Discriminating Minds Agree Upon Certain Features As Being Ideal In Motor Cars”

1917 Darling Motor Company Magazine Ad
1917 Darling Motor Company Magazine Ad

The magazine ad continued – "In designing the Darling, which is such a departure from the conventional, our engineers not only have selected and combined the best features of all cars but in addition they have added their own new and original ideas."

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