The Darby Automobile & The Darby Motor Car Co.

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The Darby Motor Car Co.
St. Louis, Mo

C. T. Darby, Harvey D. Dunham and Allen Whittemore of St. Louis built the Darby in 1909 and 1910. This American Automobile was advertised as the “Simplest Automobile On Earth” by The Darby Motor Car Company.

Darby had thorough automobile engineering experience and was connected with a well known maker of light Runabouts prior to building the Darby. The Darby was built only in runabout style with single and double rumble seat. The single rumble seat model sold for $750.00 and the double rumble seat model sold for $800.00.

1909 Darby Runabout
1909 Darby Runabout

It was equipped with a 2 cycle 2 cylinder engine that developed 20 horsepower with its Atwater Kent Unisparker. It had a disk friction transmission and double chain drive.  The Darby had a 96 inch wheelbase, left hand drive, 30 inch wheels and 3 inch tires.

1910 Darby Runabout
1910 Darby Runabout

1912 Allen Touring Car
1912 Allen Touring Car

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