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The Dalton Motor Car Company
Flint, Michigan

The $900.00 Dalton was an American Automobile built by Hubert K. Dalton. The Dalton was produced only in 1911 and 1912 and very few were made. Hubert Dalton was a former factory manager for the Whiting Motor Car Company which was owned by his father-in-law James H. Whiting.

The Dalton Runabout automobile had a 106 inch wheelbase. It was equipped with a four cylinder 175 cubic inch engine that was rated as 20 horsepower. The Dalton was reported look very
similar to the Whiting automobile.

1911 Whiting Roadster
1911 Whiting Roadster

We are looking for Dalton automobile photographs or vintage advertising for this web page. In the mean time enjoy this Fedders Radiator and Kelly Springfield Tire ad from a vintage 1911 magazine.

1930 Champlin Gasoline
1930 Champlin Gasoline Advertisement – Enid, Oklahoma

Champlin Ethyl gasoline was produced from high gravity, paraffin-based, sulphur-free Mid Continent crude.  The above advertisement was printed in a 1930 magazine by Champlin Refining Company Enid, Oklahoma.

1920s Chevrolet Garage
1920s Chevrolet Garage

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