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The Dagmar was one of the most distinctive sporting American Automobile built in the United States in the 1920s.

The first one appeared in 1922 and was just a radically restyled version of the Crawford and Crawford-Dagmar Touring Car built by The Crawford Automobile Company.

Each Dagmar was ordered straight from the Möller sales offices and assembled completely by hand some over the years costing up to $6,000 when Ford and Chevrolet sold their cars for around $500. The 1922 Dagmar Petite Sedan was equipped with a Continental six cylinder T6 engine that developed 70 horsepower. Features include 138 inch wheelbase, brass trip, 4 speed transmission, wooden artillery wheels with special Dagmar disc and 33 x 5 inch tires. 1923 Dagmar production included a Touring Car. 1924 Dagmar production included a 6-70 Series Sport Touring Car and a 6-70 Series Sedan.

1922 Dagmar
1922 Dagmar Petite Sedan

In 1925 The Crawford Automobile Co. stepped up production to 14 different models. The Model 6-60 series included a $1785.00 2 passenger Roadster, $1785.00 4 passenger Sport Touring, $1985.00 5 passenger Touring Car, $2345.00 2 passenger Coupe and a $2345.00 5 passenger Sedan. The Model 6-70 Series included a $350.00 4 passenger Sport Touring, $4500.00 4 passenger Petite Coupe, $3500.00 4 passenger Phaeton, $3500.00 4 passenger Roadster, $3500.00 6 passenger Tourer, $4500.00 4 passenger Petite Sedan, $4750.00 4 passenger Deluxe Coupe, $4700.00 5 passenger Sedan. The Model 6-80 Series included a $3500.00 Sport Victoria and a $4500.00 Sedan. All 1925 models were equipped with a 6 cylinder 331.3 cubic inch Continental 6B Vertical L-head engine rarted at 33.8 horsepower.

1922 Dagmar
1922 Dagmar

It was more of the same for the 1926 Dagmar. Basically the same line up with very little change in design or price. Production included the 6-70 Series Roadster, Phaeton, Sport Tourer, Petite Coupe, Petite Sedan, Deluxe Coupe, 5 passenger Sedan, 7 passenger Sedan, 6-60 series Touring, Roadster, Sport Touring Sedan and the 6-80 Series Sport Victoria and Sedan.

1924 Dagmar Petite Sedan
1924 Dagmar Petite Sedan

1927 Dagmar production included the 6-60 Series Roadster, Sport Tourer, Phaeton, Petite Coupe, Petite Sedan, Deluxe Coupe, 5 passenger Sedan and 7 passenger Sedan. The 6-80 Series Dagmars were a Touring, Roadster, Sport Touring and 5 passenger Sedan. Only a few hundred Dagmars were built over a six year period by M. P. Moller, the final model being a 7-passenger limo for Möller own use back in Denmark. Also produced were the Paramount, Luxor, Astor, Five Boro, 20th Century and Moller taxicabs. The most famous taxicab model being the Luxor.

1925 Dagmar Victoria Speedster
1925 Dagmar Victoria Speedster

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