The Croxton-Keeton Automobile & The Croxton-Keeton Motor Co.

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The Croxton-Keeton Motor Co. Massillon, Ohio

The complete reorganization of the Jewel Motor Car Co. of Massillon, Ohio was done by Herbert A. Croxton and Forest M. Keeton in 1909. The new company was called the Croxton-Keeton Motor Co. Herbert A. Croxton (Jewel 1906-1909) was the new president and Forest M. Keeten was Croxton partner.

Keeton was formerly connected with the Pope-Toledo and the Car-DeLuxe. Both were American Automobiles. From 1909 to 1910 The Croxton-Keeton Motor Car Co. made about 1000 units in two basic types. One called the “German Type” which was a Jewel 45 horsepower automobile. The other was a design by F. M. Keeton called the “French Type”. One of the most brilliant things Herbert A. Croxton had done was to bring in Forest. M. Keeton, a Detroit designer whom designed the “French Type” Croxton-Keeton cars after the French Renault racing car lines and the Keeton Taxicab.

Croxton-Keeton French Type Roadster
Croxton-Keeton “French Type”

Croxton-Keeton German Type Roadster
Croxton-Keeton “German Type”

Croxton-Keeton Landaulet
Croxton-Keeton French Type

The German and French type Croxton-Keeton were produced as a sporty roadster shown above. In addition four and six passenger touring cars and brougham bodies were made. A Landaulet was produced as a chauffeur driven automobile and was also used as a Taxicab. All Croxton-Keeton were affordable and durable. Prices ranged from $2,850 to $3,500.

1910 Croxton-Keeton German Type Touring Car
Croxton-Keeton “German Type” Touring Car

1910 Croxton-Keeton French Type Touring Car
1910 Croxton-Keeton “French Type” Touring Car

1909 Croxton-Keeton French Type Touring Car
1909 Croxton-Keeton “French Type” Touring Car

In 1911 Keeton left the company to manufacture another car called the Keeton in Detroit, MI. Croxton merged his Croxton Motor Company with the Royal Tourist Automobile Company to form Consolidated Motors. However, that merger failed. Croxton then moved his company to Washington, Pennsylvania, where a new factory was built in late 1912. Those cars sold in prices similar to the Croxton-Keeton, but production of the Croxton stopped for good in 1914.

Croxton-Keeton Factory
1909 Croxton-Keeton Factory Massillon, Ohio

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