The Crown Motor Carriage & The Crown Motor Vehicle Company

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The Crown Motor Vehicle Company
Amesbury, MA 1907-1909

The Graves & Congdon Co.
Amesbury, MA 1909-1910

The Crown Motor Vehicle Company was organized early in 1908 for the manufacture of a high wheeler American Automobile. The company president was W. A. Shafer and he was also the New England distributor for the Glide (1903-1920) automobile made in Peoria, Illinois.

The company secretary was J. R. Graves whose Graves & Congdon machine shop was the site for manufacture of the Crown automobile. The treasurer, Frank Dodge was a mechanical engineer and designer of automatic machinery.

1909 Crown Motor Carriage
1909 Crown Motor Carriage

The Crown Motor Carriage featured tiller steering, a reach frame, platform springs and double chain drive to the rear wheels. It was equipped with a two cylinder horizontally opposed air cooled engine that developed 12 horsepower mounted under the seat. The 24 horsepower four-cylinder Crown car that had four by four and one-half-inch cylinders and jump spark ignition is known to have been made.

In 1909 The Crown Motor Vehicle Company was renamed The Graves & Congdon Co. James R. Graves. was president and Arthur G. Congdon was vice-president. This new company closed its doors in 1910.

The Crown Automobile was built under the following company names in Amesbury, MA.
(1) The Crown Motor Vehicle Company 1907-1909
(2) The Crown Motor Carriage 1909
(3) The Graves & Congdon Co. 1909-1910
(4) Crown—Crown Motor Car Co., Amesbury, Mass. 1910

1901 Autocar
1901 Autocar

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