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Crescent Motor Co. Carthage, Ohio

In 1913 The Ohio Motor Car Co. was purchased by The Crescent Motor Co. This new company was headed by Ralph Northway and produced two different models under the Crescent name, the Ohio and the Royal automobiles. Both were American Automobiles produced in Carthage, Ohio. The Ohio automobile was the smaller of the two with a 116 inch wheelbase. The Royal automobile was a larger car with a 132 inch wheelbase.

The Crescent – Ohio automobiles were equipped with 30 and 50 horsepower four cylinder engines and 60 and 80 horsepower six cylinders. The Royal model was equipped with 454 cubic inch six cylinder Northway engines.

In this Crescent magazine ad five passenger automobiles were priced at $1275.00 or $1750.00 depending on which four cylinder engine was used.  A five passenger equipped with a six cylinder sold for nearly $2,000.00.  A seven passenger Touring Car which may have been the large Royal automobile equipped with a 80 horsepower engine was priced at $2485.00.

The Crescent - Ohio Line for 1914
The Crescent – Ohio Line for 1914

1914 Crescent Ohio features include electric self cranking and lighting, full floating rear axle for a better ride, left hand drive with center controls, Warner Speedometer, top, vision windshield and full equipment of tools. In 1914 The Crescent Motor Co. relocated to St. Louis, MO and produced the Superior.

American Automobile - 1920s Delivery
American Automobile – 1920s Delivery Automobile

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