The Colt Automobile & The Colt Runabout Co.

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The Colt Runabout Co.
Yonker, NY

The Colt Six Cylinder Runabout was an American Automobile built in Yonkers, NY with offices in New York City. W. Mason Turner was president and general manager.

The Colt was beautiful in design and sold for $1,500.00. Production lasted only one year, 1907

1907 Colt Runabout
1907 Colt Runabout

The Colt is built on very fast lines with a low center of gravity, the body has no rumble seat, the short rear end being utilized for carrying a twenty-gallon gasoline tank, tools, extra parts and tires. The wheel base of the machine was 105 inches and the tire dimensions were 34 inches x 4 inches. Total weight was 1800 pounds

1907 Colt Six Cylinder
1907 Colt Six Cylinder

The 1907 Colt Runabout was equipped with a water cooled 40 horsepower six cylinder engine that had a bore of 4 1/2 inch and a stroke of 5 inches. A three speed sliding selective transmission, geared direct on high speed was used on the Colt Runabout. Advertising claims included – “60 miles an Hour” and “Mile a Minute” from their powerful six cylinder engine.

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