The Cleveland Automobile & The Cleveland Automobile Co.

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Cleveland Automobile Co.
Cleveland, Ohio

This Cleveland was an American Automobile that was a smaller and cheaper version of the Chandler. The Cleveland Automobile Co. was formed by F.C. Chandler, Samuel Regar and The Hornblower & Weeks Co. Frederick Chandler and Samuel Regar managed both The Cleveland Automobile Co. and The Chandler Motor Car Co. of Cleveland, Ohio.

The Cleveland was produced as a 4 door touring car and a 4 door sedan. Only two colors were available, coach blue and blue devil blue and included gold edge black stripes. Interiors were made of hand buffed black leather. Tires were 31 X 5 1/4 inch. Other equipment included rear view mirror, windshield wiper, aluminum trunk rack and optional running boards. The Cleveland had a body by Fisher Brothers and was very popular all across the United States.

1912 Abbott-Detroit Detroit, Michigan Advertising
1926 Cleveland Motor Car Advertising

In 1919 the Cleveland Automobile Co. produced 3,000 units. Demand was so great for their American Automobiles that they made plans to produce 18,000 units in 1920. This number was equal to the maximum number of units scheduled for the Chandler Motor Car Co., the parent company.

1912 Abbott-Detroit Detroit, Michigan Advertising
1924 Cleveland Automobile Co. Magazine Advertising

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