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Carey Motor Car Co.
New York, NY

The only known Carey Motor Car was exhibited at the 1906 Automobile Club of America Show in New York, NY. It was reported to be powered by a rotating gasoline engine built by Stephen M. Balzer. The Balzer engine was a front mounted, air cooled rotary engine and had 5 cylinder.

Stephen M. Balzer also built an automobile that had a three-cylinder, air-cooled, rotary-type engine in 1894.

We are looking for Carey automobile photographs or vintage Carey advertising for this web page. In the mean time enjoy this Grinnell Ventilated "Rist Fit" Gloves ad from a vintage 1909 magazine.

1909 Morrison-Ricker Mfg. Co.
1909 Morrison-Ricker Mfg. Co. Magazine Advertising
Located in Grinnell, Iowa

Grinnell Ventilated Rist Fit Gloves is a "V" shaped piece of soft leather that was inserted in the cuff at the wrist, permitting a snug easy fit and holding the gauntlet firmly in place! Don’t buy another pair of Auto Gloves until you have examined a pair of Grinnell Gloves.

1911 Delivery Truck Homes & Son
1911 Delivery Truck Homes & Son

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