The Caps Automobile & The Caps Brothers Mfg. Co.

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The Caps Brothers Mfg. Co.
Kansas City, MO

The Caps was an American Automobile that was built as a two passenger runabout and a four passenger side entrance tonneau Touring Car. Both were powered by two cylinder air cooled 14 horsepower engines. The Caps Manufacturing Company sales office was located at 317-319 Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City, MO and built a large factory but very few automobiles.

After only a few months production the Caps Brothers merged their interests in a new company called The Kansas City Motor Car Company. this new company obtained all the patents and business of the Caps Brothers. The Kansas City Motor Car Co. then built the Kansas City Automobile from 1905 to 1909.

We are looking for Caps Brothers Mfg. Co. automobile photographs or vintage Caps advertising for this web page. In the mean time enjoy this Kansas City Touring Car ad from a vintage 1906 magazine.

1906 Kansas City Touring Car
1906 Kansas City Touring Car

This Kansas City Touring Car advertisement features a long wheel base automobile and a commercial automobile. The 1906 Kansas City Touring Car was equipped with a larger 35 horsepower opposed motor that had two speeds forward and reverse. Later in 1906 75 horsepower six cylinder engines powered these Touring Cars.

1909 Thomas Touring Car
1909 Thomas Touring Car

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