The Cameron Automobile 1919-1921 & The Cameron Motors Corp.

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The Cameron Motors Corp.
Stamford, CT

In 1919, The Cameron Motors Corporation relocated their operations to Stanford, CT and announced that their officers included Everett S. Cameron, president – Leslie W. Holmes, vice-president and general manager – Pierpont B. Foster, treasurer – Albert C. White, production manager – Harry W. Dohery director of sales and F. S. Young and V. C. Morris, directors.

Additional changes made included relocating the headquarters of The Cameron Motors Corp. to New York City. By 1919, several parts factories were already in operation preparing for an output of Cameron automobiles in Stamford, CT. Cameron production for 1919-1921 included a Sport Roadster, light Touring Car and 1-ton truck.

1919 Cameron Advertisement
1919 Cameron Advertisement

In the early 1920’s there was a pronounced tendency toward air cooling for 4 cylinder engines. In several instances the air cooled 4 cylinder engines came from old and well known successful engineers of the past such as E. S. Cameron, of the Cameron Motors Corp.

1920 Cameron Air Cooled Motors
1920 Cameron Air Cooled Motors

1936 Panel Truck
1936 Panel Truck

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