The Cameron Automobile 1917-1918 & The Cameron Motors Corp.

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The Cameron Motors Corp.
Norwalk, CT

In 1917, The Cameron Mfg. Co. changed it’s name slightly to The Cameron Motors Corp. and relocated it manufacturing plant from New Haven, CT to Norwalk, CT.

It also came out with two new six cylinder American Automobile. The high lights of this car was adjustable springs for
varying loads and road conditions.

Two body styles were made, the five passenger Touring Car and a two passenger Roadster, both selling for $1,250.00. The wheelbase was 122 inches with 32 x 4 inch wire wheels. There was a choice of three colors, brown, maroon and cream.

1917 Cameron Touring Car
1917 Cameron Touring Car

The power plant is a six cylinder water cooled L-head Amco engine with a displacement of 212 cubic inch. With a bore of 3 inches and stroke was 5 inches the Cameron Six was rated at 22.5 horsepower. Engine features include a Gray & Davis generator, six volt system, Zenith carburetor, Stewart speedometer and a Connecticut ignition. A three speed transmission was used along with a spiral bevel final drive.

1917 Cameron Six Cylinder
1917 Cameron Six Cylinder

An entirely distinct system of rear springing was one of the outstanding features of the Cameron Six made by The Cameron Motors Corp. The rear springs were cantilever with the usual pivot point on the frame side a little back of the front end of the spring. However, instead of attaching the extreme front end by a
shackle there was an adjustable attachment by which the spring end can be drawn up or lowered. In this way the owner could vary the strength to suit conditions of loading or road surface.

1917 Cameron Axle
1917 Cameron Axle

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