The Cameron Automobile 1912-1913 & The Cameron Motor Co.

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The Cameron Mfg. Co.
West Haven, CT

Prior to 1912 and 1913 the Cameron Automobile had been distinguished by its separately cast air cooled cylinders. By 1912 water cooled engines were installed in the American Automobile called the Cameron.

In changing over from air cooling to water cooling, the Cameron Mfg. Co. was not been content with any half way measures and developed a type of motor that had a number of noteworthy features.

The 1912 and 1913 Cameron four cylinder engine was a long stroke high speed type. The Bore was 3 5/8 inches and had a stroke of 5 inches. It had a displacement of 206.4 inches and was rated at 30 horsepower. The transmission elements include a inverted cone clutch and Cameron direct drive four speed gearset on rear axle.

1913 Cameron
1913 Cameron

In 1912 and 1913 The Cameron Mfg. Co. assembled all of the Cameron automobiles in West Haven, CT. Parts and bodies were produced at other factories in Beverly, MA and Attica, Ohio. Prices ranged from $975.00 to $1,200.00.

1913 Cameron Touring Car
1913 Cameron Touring Car

Addition features of the 1912 and 1913 Cameron included a 115 inch wheel base, 32 inch wheels and tires, a special designed pointed radiator, electric lighting and starting, left drive with center control, mohair top with boot and side curtains, windshield, speedometer, tools, tire repair kit, air pump and a jack.

1930s American Automobile Show Room
1930s American Automobile Show Room

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