The Cameron Automobile 1908-1912 & The Cameron Car Co.

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The Cameron Car Co.
Beverly, MA & New London, CT

In 1908 The Cameron Motor Company, reorganized with New York capital to control the output of Cameron cars from its new factories in Beverly, MA and New London, CT.

Officers in the new company were Everett S. Cameron, general manager; W. T. Marsh, treasurer, and H. W. Doherty, sales manager.

The following models were new for the 1908 and 1909 Cameron’s. (1) Model 11 was a 6 cylinder car produced as a Touring Car, Roadster and Runabout and sold for $1,500.00. (2) Model 14 was a Roadster with a 4 cylinder engine rated at 20-24 horsepower and sold for $900. (3) Model 15 was a 2 passenger “Featherweight Flyer” equipped with 4 cylinder engine and was priced at $1,000.00. (4) Model 16 is a 5 passenger Touring Car that sold for $1100.00. The Model 14 could be purchased with a single rumble for $950.00.

1908 Cameron Roadster
1908 Cameron Model 14 Roadster

1908 and 1909 Cameron specifications include patented selective type transmission, 3 speeds forward with direct drive on all speeds, Remy ignition dual system, high tension magneto and a wheelbase of 96 inch to 100 inches depending on model. Equipment included two search lights, generator, side lamps, tail lights, horn and tools.

1908 Cameron Model 15
1908 Cameron Model 15

Beverly MA and New London, CT

Advertising claims on the 1908 / 1909 Cameron included – “An Ideal Car For The Business Man, The Doctor, Merchant and The Man That’s Wants To Go and Come In a Hurry” and “It’s The Only Car That’s Always Ready”.

1909 Cameron Model 11 Touring Car
1909 Cameron Model 11 Touring Car

The 36 horsepower Cameron sixes are manufactured in the new plant of the Cameron Company located at New London, CT. The engine base is of aluminum, split horizontally in the center, the cylinders cast singly with radial fins. Six cylinder features include a high tension dual system of ignition, which includes the magneto and auxiliary set of dry cells, gear pump and constant level oiling system.

1910 Cameron Touring Car
1910 Cameron Touring Car

1910 Cameron Six Flyer Roadster
1910 Cameron “Six Flyer” Roadster

The Cameron Six-Cylinder “Six Flyer Roadster Had a Long, Low, Rakish Appearance
and Were Just as Fast as They Looked!

1911 Cameron
1911 Cameron Advertisement

1912 Cameron Special Delivery Car
1912 Cameron Special Delivery Car

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