The Cameron Automobile 1905-1908 & The Cameron Car Co.

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The Cameron Car Co.
Brockton, MA & New London, CT

Few American Automobiles can have had so many changes of address and company organization as the Cameron.

With the formation of the Cameron Car Co at Brockton, MA larger two cylinder Runabouts and three cylinder Touring Cars were made.

These cars are equipped with shaft drive and sliding gear transmissions. Specifications included a wheelbase of 96 inches, 54 inch tread, 30 x3 1/2 inch wheels and tires and a perfect system of air cooling. Additional features include two oil lamps, horn, search lights, tail lights and all necessary tools.

1907 Cameron Touring Car
1907 Cameron Touring Car

The price of a two passenger Light Touring Car was $750.00 and their four passenger Touring Cars listed for $1200.00.

1908 Cameron Four Cylinder Engine
1908 Cameron Four Cylinder Engine

Cameron’s were a leader in their class. The four cylinder vertical type Engine in the Roadster and Touring Cars were rated at 16 horsepower. This new engine was mounted under the hood and air cooled. The transmission was a Cameron design having three forward speeds and a reverse.

1908 Cameron Roadster
1908 Cameron Roadster

Restored 1905 Cameron Runabout
Restored 1905 Cameron Runabout

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