The Cameron Automobile 1902 1903 & The United Motor Co.

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The United Motor Co.
Pawtucket, RI

In 1901 James E. Brown of the Brown Textile Machine Company and Everett S. Cameron, engineer formed The United Motor Co. in Pawtucket, RI. The United Motor Co. produced an American Automobile called the Cameron.

The Cameron was produced in 7 different cities and under 8 different corporation names from 1901 to 1921. Financial trouble was the reason for each company name change and relocation.

The first Cameron was a small light gasoline runabout with a wheelbase of 72 inches, 40 inch tread and 28 inch wheels and tires. The body was suspended on semi-elliptic springs in the front and full elliptics in the rear.

1902 Cameron Runabout
1902 Cameron Runabout

The Cameron was equipped with an single cylinder air cooled engine that developed 5 horsepower. This engine had a bore of 3 1/2 inches and a stroke of 4 inches. The engine was located under the front hood of the car instead of under the seat. It had a sliding gear two speed transmission and shaft drive.

1902 Cameron
1902 Cameron

By 1903 the Cameron was larger and more powerful.  Horsepower was increased from 5 to 9, new was a fan for additional cooling and jump spark ignition. Wheelbase was increased from 72 inches to 76 inches. The body was made of air seasoned whitewood lumber and the frame was made of oak.

1903 Cameron
1903 Cameron

The 1903 Cameron Runabout was priced at $350.00 and $750.00 with a detachable Tonneau. Cameron advertisements claimed “A Satisfactory Light Family Car” and “We use brains and good materials”.

1903 Cameron
1903 Cameron

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