The Caloric Automobile & The Chicago Motorcycle Company

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The Chicago Motorcycle Company
Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago Motorcycle Company was organized in 1898 by Charles Dickenson, L. F. Douglas and Henry B. Babson at 107 Madison Street in Chicago. Gasoline, electric and steam car were planned. However, by 1902 only a gasoline powered American Automobile called the Chicago was produced.

By 1903, The Chicago Motorcycle Company had settled on Caloric for it’s name. Caloric was a term formerly used to denote heat. The Chicago Caloric Engine Co. built the engines used in the Caloric.

1903 Caloric Runabout
1903 Caloric Runabout

In their engine a combustible charge of air and hydrocarbon is admitted and compressed in the lower and cooler part of the cylinder. The charge is then transferred to the other end of the cylinder and ignited. The gases are then exhausted and at the same time a new charge is taken in and the operations repeated.

A two cylinder engine rated at four horsepower with transmission giving three forward speeds and one reverse chain drive to differential on the rear axle were used in the Caloric Runabout. An optional three cylinder engine rated at six horsepower was also available.

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1910 Dodge Brothers Truck

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