The Brush Runabout Automobile & The Brush Motor Car Co.

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Brush Runabout
Brush Motor Car Co. 1907-1909

Brush Runabout Co.
Detroit, MI 1910-1913

The Brush Runabout was a light two passenger American Automobile designed by Alanson P. Brush in 1907.

The first Brush built used a single cylinder 12 HP engine with chain drive and solid tires. The cost in 1907 was $780.00.

1909 Brush Runabout Magazine Ad
1909 Brush Runabout

By 1908 competition drove the price down to less than $500.00 and in 1912 a stripped down version, called the Liberty Brush sold for only $350.00.

1910 Brush Runabout Magazine Ad
1910 Brush Runabout

Power was provided to the Brush Runabout by a large single cylinder water-cooled engine. Additional features unique to the Brush automobile was a wooden chassis, actually wooden rails and iron cross-members, friction drive transmission and coil springs in tension instead of compression.

1910 Brush Runabout Magazine Ad
1910 Brush Runabout Magazine Ad

Alanson P. Brush had the backing of Frank and Benjamin Briscoe to form his company. In 1913 the Briscoe Brothers using Maxwell-Briscoe and Brush formed the United States Motor Company. However the United States Motor Company failed by 1914 due to the competition from Ford. One report has the total production of the Brush Runabout from 1907 to 1913 at 13,250 units.

Restored 1912 Brush Runabout
Restored 1912 Brush Runabout

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