The Bour-Davis Automobile & The Bour-Davis Company

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Bour-Davis Co.
Detroit Michigan 1915-1917

Shadburn Brothers
Frankfort, Indiana 1917

Louisiana Motor Car Co.
Shreveport 1918-1921

The Bour-Davis was a low priced American automobile named after Charles J. Bour, a Chicago advertising man and Robert C. Davis, an engineer for the Chicago, Duluth, Lake Superior Steamship Company.

Bour and Davis was also a partner with E.C. Noe also of Chicago. The Bour-Davis Co. of Detroit Michigan began production of the Bour-Davis automobiles in 1916. The Louisiana Motor Car Company of Shreveport, La. purchased the rights to the Bour-Davis in April 1918.

1919 Bour-Davis Touring Car Model-S
1917 Bour-Davis Touring Car Model 21-S

Production of the Bour-Davis never amounted to more than 1,000 units. Unfortunately, all the Bour-Davis companies were mismanaged. Production figures for 1916 amounted to 267 units, 22 in 1917 and only 4 in 1918. In 1919 only 20 automobiles were produced by the Shadburn Brothers in Frankfort, Indiana. 296 Automobiles were produced in Shreveport by the Louisiana Motor Car Co. Shreveport. It is not known how many Bour-Davis automobiles were produced in 1921 and 1922.

1919 Bour-Davis Touring Car Model-S
1920 Bour-Davis Touring Car
Louisiana Motor Car Company – Shreveport, Louisiana

Early models were priced at $1,200.00. However, by 1921 seven passenger Bour-Davis automobiles cost well over $2,000.00. High cost and mismanagement put the Louisiana Company into bankruptcy.
Early advertising had this to say about the Bour-Davis automobile – “The lines of this car are artistic to the last degree and really distinctive. You can pick out your Bour-Davis a block away. The only automobile that has unbroken lines from the the radiator to rear seat.”

1916 Bour-Davis Touring Car and Closed Car
1916 Bour-Davis Touring Car and Closed Car

Paint on the Bour-Davis was offered in Maroon, Coach Body Blue and Brewster Green. The engine in most of the Bour-Davis cars was a Continental Red Seal six cylinder with 224 cubic inches.

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