The Bimel Automobile & The Bimel Automobile Co.

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The Bimel Automobile Co.
Sidney, Ohio

The Bimel was reportly built by the same company that manufactured the Elco, The Bimel Automobile Co. of Sidney, Ohio.

A six cylinder to carry the Bimel name was projected and advertised though it does not seem to have been produced. In April 1916 the Bimel Automobile Company was incorporated with a capital stock of $500000. The Bimel and Elco survived only two years.

1916 Bimel Touring Car
1916 Bimel Touring Car

Specifications include – 2 models and 3 body styles, a Touring Car and Roadster, wheel base was 115 inch on the Touring Car and 102 inches on the Roadster, Weight 2400 pounds, Crown fenders, M. B. leather, large honey comb radiator, 15 gallon gas tank, Stewart Warner vacuum pump, speedometer, one man top and a Westinghouse starting and lighting system, Atwater Kent ignition and paint either back or dark green.

Caille-Pioneer 6 Cylinder Engine
Bimel – Caille-Pioneer 6 Cylinder Engine

Drive train included a 3 1/8 inch x 5 inch Caille-Pioneer 6 Cylinder Engine that developed 35 horsepower, full floating rear axle, three speed transmission and 34 inch x 4 inch wheels and tires

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