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The Best Manufacturing Co.
San Leandro, CA

The Best was a California “Horseless Carriage” made in San Leandro, CA by The Best Manufacturing Co. in the late 1800s. The company was formed in 1871 by Daniel Best who produced this American Automobile along with a steam tractor and harvesters.

The Best was a seven passenger “Dos-a-dos” (Passengers sat back to back). The weight of the vehicle with water and gasoline aboard for a trip of 150 miles is 2570 pounds. The Best was equipped with a water cooled two cylinder horizontal engine developing 7 horsepower.

Best Horseless Carriage
Best Horseless Carriage – The Best Manufacturing Co.

Ignition was by electric spark and speeds of four to twenty miles per hour were obtainable. The 42 inch wheels were fitted with solid rubber tires and wooden spokes

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1903 Autocar

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