The Berg Automobile & The Berg Automobile Co.

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The Berg Automobile Co.
Cleveland, Ohio 1902-1904

Worthington Automobile Co.
New York, NY 1905

Hart O. Berg of the The Berg Automobile Co. began producing the American Automobile called the Berg at the Cleveland Machine Screw Co. Factory. The Berg was an assembled car produced from parts made by other company’s and sold through their New York City, Binghamton, NY and Philadelphia, PA agents.

Hart O. Berg headed the company as president, Robert McAlister Lloyd was secretary and treasurer, and Robert Jardine was the chief mechanical engineer. Robert Jardine designed the Berg with a European favor. He also designed the domestic looking Euclid. The Euclid was produced by The Berg Automobile Co. only in 1904. In 1905 The Berg Automobile Co. sold out to Worthington Automobile Co. of New York, NY. All production soon stopped there after.

1903 Berg 8 Horsepower
1903 Berg 8 Horsepower

The Berg was equipped with either a 8 horsepower two cylinder engine or a 15 horsepower four cylinder engine. A three speed transmission was used on the 8 horsepower engines and a four speed transmission on the four cylinder engine.

1903 Berg 15 Horsepower
1903 Berg 15 Horsepower

32 inch x 3 1/2 inch wheels and tires were used on the smaller two cylinder engine. With the larger four cylinder engines, Berg’s were equipped with larger 34 inch x 4 inch wheels and tires. The wheelbase on the two cylinder engines was 78 inches and priced at $2,700.00. The wheelbase on the larger automobile was 90 inches and priced at $3000.00.

1904 Berg Touring Car With Top
1904 Berg Touring Car With Top

By 1904 The Berg Automobile Co. had a 24 horsepower water cooled vertical engine and sliding gear transmission. The six passenger Touring Car pictured above was priced at $3,500.00. 1905 was the last year for the American Automobile called the Berg.

1905 Berg Touring Car
1905 Berg Touring Car

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