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The Bellefontaine Automobile Co.
Bellefontaine, Ohio

The Bellefontaine was an American Automobile with a short history and was succeeded by the Zentmobile, then the Zent and finally the Traveler. Like the Traveler the Bellefontaine was equipped with a four cylinder 32 horsepower engine and was shaft driven.

The only model offered was a five passenger Touring Car and it sold for $2,500.00 in 1908. Ray Albaugh was president of the Bellefontaine Automobile Co.

We are looking for Bellefontaine automobile photographs or vintage Bellefontaine advertising for this web page. In the mean time enjoy this
Dietz Oil Lamp ad from a vintage 1906 magazine.

1906 R. E. Dietz Magazine Ad
1906 R. E. Dietz Magazine Ad

In this 1906 R. E. Dietz Co. magazine ad are images of Peerless Oil Lamps used on many American Automobile in the early 1900s. Automobiles like the Zentmobile and Zent. The R. E. Dietz Co. was incorporated in 1886 and produced Dietz Oil Lamps for many years after this ad was placed.

1905 Garage
1905 Garage – Roadster and Touring Car

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