The Bell Automobile & The Bell Motor Car Co.

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The Bell Motor Car Co.
York, PA

The Bell Motor Car Company of York, PA was organized on June 8, 1915 and manufactured the Bell. The Bell, an American Automobile was small and inexpensive with a 112 inch wheelbase. Very few were made. In 1916 the Bell sold for $775.00. Only a 5 passenger Model 16 Touring Car was made. G. B. & S. and Continental engines were used from 1915 to 1918.

After 1918 a four cylinder Herschell-Spillman engines were used in all cars. This 1921 Bell Motor Car Co. magazine ad claims that “The Well Built Bell Leader of light Cars” and “A Powerful Yet Economical Light Car With All The Comfort and Grace Of A Heavy Car”.

1921 Bell Motor Car Co. Magazine Ad
1921 Bell Motor Car Co. Magazine Ad

The 1921 Bell sold for $1,495.00 and came with a very good engine made by Herschell-Spillman. The Bell was also equipped with a Westinghouse starter and generator, Stromberg carburetor, Warner steering gears, Muncie transmission, Atwater-Kent ignition, etc.

1921 Bell Motor Car Co.

1921 Bell Motor Car Co.

1921 Bell Motor Car Co.

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