The Beaver Six Automobile & The Beaver State Motor Co.

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Beaver Six
The Beaver State Motor Co.
Gresham, Oregon

The Beaver Six was the only automobile ever manufactured on a commercial basis in the Pacific Northwest. Produced by the Beaver State Motor Company in 1912 only. P. A. Combs J. A. Friddle of Portland, Oregon were the owners and designers of the Beaver Six. The prospectus to potential investors stated “It is a high class car with beautiful lines and is a very satisfactory machine.”

It has been reported that The Beaver State Motor Co. produced an American Automobile called the Oregon in 1916. In addition the Beaver has been reported in production up to 1920. However no proof has been found of either claim. The Beaver State Motor Co. factory was in operation up to 1920. However, only rail car wheels, sewer pipe and cement mixers were produced.

1912 Beaver Six Touring Car
1912 Beaver Six Touring Car

The first Beaver was a five passenger Touring Car selling for $2,250.00. It was equipped with a six cylinder engine that developed 45 horse power. Very few were produced.

We are looking for additional Beaver Six automobile photographs or vintage Beaver advertising for this web page. In the mean time enjoy this Continental Motor ad from a vintage 1911 magazine.

1914 Continental Motor Advertisement
1914 Continental Motor Advertisement

The continental Motor Mfg. Co. of Detroit, Michigan produced four and six cylinder engines in the early 1900s. “Advertising claims included – “Why Experiment?  It cost money and we have already covered the ground. Our experience is yours for the asking.”

1940s Standard Oil Service Station
1940s Standard Oil Service Station
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