The Bates Automobile & The Bates Automobile Company

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The Bates Automobile Company
Lansing, Michigan

The Bates Automobile Company was organized by M. F. Bates, Bliss Stebbins and J.P. Edmonds in 1903. Production of this American Automobiles was in 1904 and 1905. Only about 25 automobile were said to have been made.

1904 and 1905 Bates car were produced as a $2,000.00 four passenger Touring Car and a $650.00 two passenger runabout.

Air cooled three cylinder engine rated at 18/20 horsepower was used in both the Touring Car and Roadster. A selective transmission with three speeds forward and reverse was used along with shaft drive. both engine and transmission were of Bates design.

1904 Bates Touring Car
1904 Bates Touring Car

The Bates Automobile Company advertising slogan was “Buy A Bates And Keep Your Dates”. Which was very optimistic on their part for a company in the early 1900s. In 1905 M. F. Bates patented a new type carburetor that claimed to be one of the best on the market. The Bates Automobile Company stopped producing American Automobiles by 1905. However, the Bates carburetor was made up to about 1920.

1905 Bates Runabout
1905 Bates Runabout

1905 Bates Touring Car
1905 Bates Touring Car

1905 Bates Advertisement
1905 Bates Advertisement

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