The Barnhart Automobile & The Warren Automobile Co.

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The Warren Automobile Co.
Warren, PA

H. F. Barnhart built his first automobile in 1897 with his father-in-law, C. D. Betts who was a mechanic. In 1899 he built another car with his father-in-law.

In 1905 H. F. Barnhart organized The Warren Automobile Co. for the purpose of producing an American Automobile. H. F. Barnhart, a dentist, named the automobile after himself and built a small factory in Warren, PA.

1905 Barnhart Touring Car
1905 Barnhart Touring Car

The Barnhart was a large double side entrance Touring Car with a 110 inch wheelbase. It was equipped with a four cylinder engine rated at 44 horsepower. Special features included three speed transmission, shaft drive, automatic control by which one or more cylinders could be cut out of service and 34 x 4 1/2 inch wheels and tires.

We are looking for additional Barnhart automobile photographs or vintage Barnhart advertising for this web page. In the mean time enjoy this Chas. Kaestner Mfg. Co. ad from a vintage 1905 magazine.

1905 Chas. Kaestner Mfg. Co.
1905 Chas. Kaestner Mfg. Co. Motors and Transmissions

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