The Banker Automobile & The A. C. Banker Co.

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The A. C. Banker Co.
Chicago, Illinois

A. C. Banker, president of the A C. Banker Co., 1253-55 Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois manufactured American Automobiles in 1905.

These automobiles consisted of three models, all having the same 100 inch wheelbase chassis. One touring car model with a wood body sold for $2,250, a touring car with aluminum body work was listed at $2,500, and aluminum bodied limousine was slated to sell for $3,000.

1905 Banker Touring Cars
1905 Banker Touring Cars

All three 1905 Banker automobiles were equipped with a four cylinder vertical 30 horsepower water cooled engine. A three and one sliding gear transmission was used.

1905 Banker
1905 Banker – Chicago, Illinois

In 1900, A. C. Banker owned a garage at Thirty-fifth street and Grand Boulevard and another one at 17 Plymouth place. In 1902, while still operating these two garages, he opened a salesroom at 1410 Michigan avenue for the distribution of Peerless and Darracq cars. During the following year the Knox and Ford were handled and in 1904 the Autocar and Walter car were carried by him.

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