The Baldner Automobile & The Baldner Motor Vehicle Co.

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The Baldner Motor Vehicle Co.
Xenia, Ohio

The Baldner Motor Vehicle Co. produced a $1,200.00 two passenger Runabout, $1,800.00 Touring Car and a Light Delivery at $2,000.00.

The Baldner was an American Automobile built by Jacob Baldner in Xenia, Ohio from 1901 to 1903. Jacob Baldner worked for Charles E. Duryea in 1896 and his vehicles did show evidence of his knowledge of automobile manufacturing.

1902 Baldner 12 Horsepower Runabout
1902 Baldner 12 Horsepower Runabout

The Baldner Runabout was equipped with a water cooled three cylinder horizonal gasoline engine rated at 12 horsepower. This engine had large crank bearings and bronze connecting rods. A three speed transmission was used, which also included a reverseing gear in its mechanism. All three speeds could be used either forward or backward. The Baldner Touring Car was equipped with a 20 horsepower engine and some of the same features of the Runabout.

1903 Baldner Advertisement
1903 Baldner Advertisement

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