The Baker-Bell Automobile & The Baker-Bell Motor Co.

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The Baker-Bell Motor Co.
Philadelphia, PA
<1913 The Baker-Bell was also know as the Hummingbird. This American Automobile was built by The Baker-Bell Motor Co. of Philadelphia, PA only in 1913. This small and light two passenger roadster was driven by a four cylinder water cooled engine rated at 22.5 Horsepower. The Hummingbird reportly sold for only $675.00. We are looking for additional Baker-Bell automobile photographs or vintage Baker-Bell advertising for this web page. In the mean time enjoy this Waltham Automobile Clock ad from a vintage 1913 magazine.

Waltham Automobile Clock
Waltham Automobile Clock

The Waltham Automobile Timepiece was a popular accessory that could be added to the dash board of any automobile automobile.  It was a five day movement that could adjust for heat or cold without effecting its running quality. Most models sold for about $25.00.  Waltham also made speedometers for automobiles.

1920 American Automobile
1920 American Automobile

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