The Bailey Automobile & The Bailey Automobile Co.

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The Bailey Automobile Co.
Springfield, MA

Headquartered in Springfield, MA, The Bailey Automobile Co. was formed by H. G. Whitman president and Bertram Bailey Vice-President & Chief engineer. Bertram Bailey put up $20,000.00 in 1906 to establish The Bailey Automobile Co. in exchange for use of his name on the car. The Bailey was a five passenger Touring Car that had a very peculiar appearance, such as rounded hood.

The Bailey was equipped with a four cylinder rotary engine with 254 cubic inches and rated at 24 horsepower. It had a two speed selective type transmission, shaft drive and was on a 100 inch wheelbase. We are looking for Bailey automobile photographs or vintage Bailey advertising for this web page. In the mean time enjoy this 1910 Schebler Carburetor magazine advertisement.

1910 Schebler Carburetor
1910 Schebler Carburetor

In this 1910 Schebler Carburetor advertisement claims made included automobiles at the Indianapolis Speedway used Schebler carburetors and the winning cars were Herreshoff, Cole, Firestone-Columbus, National, Marmon and McFarland.

1920s Battery Service Station
1920s Battery Service Station

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