The Badger Automobile & The Badger Motor Car Co.

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The Badger Motor Car Co.
Columbus, Wisconsin

The Badger Motor Car Co. produced American Automobiles in Columbus, Wisconsin from 1910 to 1912. A. M. Bellack was president, Christian Kurth vice president, G. C. Holtz secretary and J. R. Wheeler treasurer. Webb Jay & Co. were appointed Chicago sales agents for the Badger automobiles.

A $1,600.00 four passenger Toy Tonneau, a two pasenger Roadster and a five pasenger Touring Car were made all on the same 112 inch chassis.

1910 Badger Roadster
1910 Badger Roadster

The Badger was equipped with a 30 horsepower four cylinder Northway engine manufactured in Detroit. Engine features include four inch bore x four inch stroke, Bosch dual ignition, a self contained oiling system and a thermo-siphon cooling system. Motor, clutch and transmission are assembled as a unit power plant. The transmission is of the selective type, giving three speeds forward and a reverse.

We are looking for additional Badger automobile photographs or vintage Badger advertising for this web page. In the mean time enjoy this
Wheeler & Schebler carburetor ad from a vintage 1913 magazine.

1913 Wheeler & Schebler Carburetor Ad
1913 Wheeler & Schebler Carburetor Ad
The Schebler is the acknowledged standard carburetor of the world!

1920s American Automobile - Schebler Carburetor
1920s American Automobile
Typical American Automobile equipped with a Schebler Carburetor!

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