The Babcock Automobile & The H. H. Babcock Co.

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The H. H. Babcock Co.
Watertown, NY

The Babcock was an American Automobile made by an 1882 carriage company in Watertown, New York beginning in 1909. The Babcock line included a Runabout, as well as a Touring Car, Landaulet and Limousine. Officers in The H. H. Babcock Co. included President and Treasurer G. H. Babcock, Vice-President A. R. Flower and Secretary F. W. Babcock.

The Runabout shown below was equipped with a two cylinder engine. Larger Babcock’s were equipped with larger four cylinder engines rated at 35/40 horsepower. A five passenger 1910 Babcock Model 30 Touring car had a wheelbase of 114 inches.

1910 Babcock Two Passenger Runabout
1910 Babcock Two Passenger Runabout

The Babcock was really a High Wheeler or Motor Buggy even though the 1910 Babcock advertisement above claimed it was an Automobile. A High Wheeler or Motorized Buggy was an American Automobile that was popular between 1907 and 1912. Over 70 firms built High Wheelers during this period. The best know High Wheelers were Holsman,
International and Sears.

1909 Babcock Model A Runabout
1909 Babcock Model A Runabout

The foundation of the H. H. Babcock Company was started by H. H. Babcock in 1845, when he began making wooden pumps and wooden pipes. This industry was carried on until 1882, when Babcock formed a company to manufacture carriages. The H. H. Babcock Company made high grade carriages.

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