The Average Man’s Runabout Automobile & The Adams Automobile Co.

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Average Man’s Runabout
The Adams Automobile Co.
Hiawatha, Kansas

George Adam of Hiawatha, Kansas, produced an American Automobile called the “Average Man’s Runabout” for only one year, 1906. This automobile was equipped with a 10 horsepower, double opposed, air cooled, 2 cycle engine located under the hood and place crosswise.

Power was transmitted through knuckle joints and shaft to a friction transmission and then to the rear axle by a single chain. The body was the latest Runabout style and cost $400.00. It had a 76 inch wheel base and a 50 inch tread. The wood wheels were fitted with 28 inch x 2 1/2 inch tires. Wheel steering was employed and on top of the steering wheel was spark and throttle controlling levers. One foot pedal operated the emergency brake, while another applied the friction wheel and brake. A side lever gave the operator different speeds ahead and reverse.

We are looking for “Average Man’s Runabout” automobile photographs or vintage advertising for this web page. In the mean time enjoy this Columbia Axle Co. ad from a vintage 1918 magazine.

1918 Columbia Axle Co. Ad
1918 Columbia Axle Co. Ad

This Columbia Axle Co. Cleveland, Ohio advertisement claims
"The Columbia Axle – The Height of Successful Axle".

Typical 1906 Runabout
Typical 1906 Runabout

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