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The Auto Parts Company
Chicago, Illinois

The Auto Parts Company produced an American Automobile for only a couple of years. Some reports have this company as selling automobiles on installment for home assembly in 1909.

However, they did produce an automobile as can be seen in the 1910 advertisement below.

In this 1910 advertisement The Auto Parts Co. claimed that “Our Square-Deal Car – This is the Car you are looking for” and it was “Durable, Economical, Attractive and Lasting” All for a price of $375.00.

1910 Auto Parts Company High Wheeler
1910 Auto Parts Company High Wheeler

The 1910 model built by The Auto Parts Company was equipped with a air cooled two cylinder engine that developed 14 horsepower. Other features included a planetary transmission, Schebler carburetor, 36 inch artillery wheels, Firestone side wire solid rubber tires. The wheel base was 82 inches and track 56 inches.

1914 Auto Parts
1914 Auto Parts

After 1910, The Auto Parts Co. sold auto parts including powerful Michigan 40 horsepower engine, Auburn spark plugs and Holley Carburetors. One unusual auto part we found that this company sold was a Limousine top that could be installed on 1913, 1914 and 1915 Fords. In 1919, The Auto Parts Co. of America became successor to Auto Parts Co.

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