The Auburn Automobile 1930-1937 & The Auburn Automobile Co.

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The Auburn Automobile Co.
Auburn, Indiana

More than 22,000 Auburn’s were produced in 1929. (See Auburn 1920-1929 The Depression did not immediately hit Auburn as drastically as other famous American Automobile company’s. However, sales did dip to 11,270 in 1930 but were up to 28,000 in 1931. In 1932 the Depression began to affect The Auburn Automobile Co. with loses of over 1 million dollars and only 11,646 units sold. The next year was even worse with only 6,000 1933 Auburn’s sold.

1930 Auburn De Luxe - Straight Eight
1930 Auburn De Luxe – Straight Eight
Lawrence Motor Car Co. Auburn Distributor

The above is a typical distributor advertisement for the 1930 Auburn. The Lawrence Motor Car Co. of Newark, NJ offered this 1930 deluxe Auburn for sale at $1,495.00. It Featured a straight eight, 125 horsepower and 130 inch wheelbase. Advertising claims included “Never Has An Automobile That Offered So Much Power, Size, Structural Strength And Distinction, Sold For So Little Money”.

1930 Auburn Phaeton Sedan Argentinean Magazine Advertisement
1931 Auburn Coupe Straight Eight Model Advertisement

For 1930 The Auburn Automobile Co. offered three different series. The 120 inch wheelbase 6-85 series included a $1,095.00 four door Sedan and a $995.00 Sport Sedan equipped with a six cylinder engine rated at 70 horsepower. The 125 inch wheelbase 8-95 series included a $1,295 four door Sedan, a $1,195.00 Sport Sedan and a $1,295.00 five passenger Phaeton Sedan equipped with a eight cylinder rated at 100 horsepower. The 130 inch wheelbase 125 Custom series was a large American Automobile. The $1,595.00 four door Sedan weight almost 4,000 pounds, the $1,495.00 Sport Sedan and a $1,695.00 five passenger Phaeton Sedan equipped with a 125 horsepower eight cylinder engine.

The complete Auburn line was heavily changed in 1931. After disappearing for 1930, the Speedster resurfaced in the 8-98 and 8-98A
series. The 70 horsepower six-cylinder, 100 horsepower eight and 125 horsepower eight were gone. They were replaced with a smaller 98 horsepower straight eight engine on all 14 Auburn models available in 1931.

1932 Auburn Boattail Speedster
1932 Auburn Boattail Speedster

In 1928 (See Auburn 1920-1929), Auburn introduced an American Automobile that would be synonymous with the brand, the Auburn Boattail Speedster. The 1932 Auburn Boattail Speedster series 12-160A Custom featured above had a V-12 cylinder with 160 horsepower, 133 inch wheelbase, weighed 4,235 pounds and was priced at $1,275.00. The Lycoming V-12 had 391 cubic inches and was designed by Auburn chief engineer George Kublin. Custom twelve’s featured the well known Columbia dual ratio rear axle gear sets and a six speed transmission.

In 1932 four different Auburn Speedster were available. The series 12-160A mentioned above, a $1,145.00 series 12-160 without the Columbia rear axle, a $975.00 series 8-100A with a straight eight 100 horsepower engine and Columbia rear axle and a $845.00 series 8-100 with a straight eight 100 horsepower engine without the Columbia axle. The series 8-100A and 8-100 were built on 127 wheelbase chassis.

1933 Auburn Salon Models 12 Cylinder Engine Advertisement
1933 Auburn Salon Models 8 Cylinder Engine Advertisement

The 1934 Auburn line featured streamlined bodies but poor styling. A 85 horsepower six cylinder was available again along with a new 115 horsepower straight eight. The thirty-six Auburn models available in 1933 were reduced to just 18 in 1934. 1934 was not a good year for Auburn or any other American Automobile company.

Styling improved in 1935 when designer Gorden Buehrig and engineer August Duesenberg added a bold grille and massive hood. A Schwitzer-Cummins supercharger was added to the 115 horsepower straight eight increasing its horsepower to 150. Series 851/852 Supercharged Auburns were identified by external exhausts. 1935 Auburns included series 653/654, 653 Custom, 653 Salon with six cylinders engines, 851/852, 851/852 Custom, 851/852 Salon with eight cylinder engines.

1936 Auburn Super Charged
1936 Auburn Boattail Speedster

The 1936 Auburn line was a repeat of 1935. Only 600 Speedster were built in 1935 and 1936. Total output in 1936 was just 1848 units. In spite of what could be called a brilliant line of American Automobiles sales and production continued to plummet throughout the 1930s. No Auburns were made in 1937.

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