The Auburn Automobile 1910-1919 & The Auburn Automobile Co.

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Auburn 1910-1919
The Auburn Automobile Co.
Auburn, Indiana

As mentioned in the opening Auburn article (See “Auburn-1900-1909”) about the founding of The Auburn Automobile Company, four cylinder engines were introduced in 1909. The engines were made by The Rutenber Motor Co. of Marion, Indiana.

In 1910, Auburns used 40 horsepower Rutenber engines in their model X Touring Car and sold these five passenger Touring Cars for $1,650.00. Their two cylinder Touring Car were back in 1910 and the price was $1,250.00.

1910 Auburn 40 Vintage Advertisement
1910 Auburn Vintage Advertisement

1910 Auburn 40
1910 Auburn 40

1910 models included Touring Cars, Roadsters and Delivery Wagons. Features included 116 inch wheelbase, 36 inch wheels, selective type transmission, multiple disc clutch, shaft drive and a bevel gear differential. Advertising claims for the 1910 models included “The Most For The Money Car” and “The Auburn Has Always Been A Good Value”.

1911 Auburn Model N
1911 Auburn Model N

The advertising claim “The Most For The Money Car” continued in 1911. In the above advertisement’s four models were offered – A model N priced at $1,750.00 with a four cylinder engine rated at 40 horsepower, Remy magneto, selective three speed transmission, shaft drive, 130 inch wheelbase and 36 inch wheels. Standard equipment included three oil lamps, two gas lamps with generator, jack and tools. A smaller model L Auburn was priced at $1,400.00 had a four cylinder engine rated at 30 horsepower had a 112 inch wheelbase and 34 inch wheels. In addition a $1,000.00 model G Touring Car and model K Roadster had a two cylinder engine.

In 1911 Auburn bought the Zimmerman Mfg. Co. which had been producing the Zimmerman automobile and continued to manufacture them up to 1915. In 1916 The Union Automobile Co. was formed to produce the Union car. For one year the four cylinder Auburns were marketed as Unions and carried the Union badge.

1911 Auburn Model N
1911 Auburn Model N

Auburn introduced six cylinder automobiles with electric lights in 1912. This new six was a Rutenber 41CV rated at 50 horsepower. Both six cylinder and four cylinder automobiles were made from 1912 to 1919. These Auburn’s were priced in the $895.00 to $2,200.00 price range. Auburn engines were made by Continental, Rutenber or Teetor. In 1913 a new torpedo body Auburn Model 33L was equipped with a four cylinder engine. In 1914 a Auburn model 6-45 that used the new six cylinder engine and model 4-40 was equipped with a four cylinder 40 horsepower engine.

1913 Auburn Vintage Advertisement
1913 Auburn Vintage Advertisement
1915 Auburn Vintage Advertisement
1916 Auburn Vintage Advertisement

1915 and 1916 Auburns included three different models with three different engines. A model 4-36 with a four cylinder 36 horsepower Rutenber engine, a model 6-38 with a six cylinder 38 horsepower Teetor engine and a model 6-40 with a Continental engine. Auburn production continued with The Auburn Automobile Co., the company laying its success to the fact that there had been no change in ownership or officers since its inception in 1900. But that was about to change because the real secret was that Auburn was not terribly successful. In 1918 Eckhart carriage production was discontinued and in June controlling interest of The Auburn Automobile Co. was sold to a group of Chicago businessmen.

1919 Auburn Sedan Vintage Advertisement
1919 Auburn Beauty Six Vintage Advertisement

Many changes were made to the Auburn in 1919 including the introduction of the Auburn Beauty Six. In 1919 five Auburn Beauty Six model were available. A $1,695.00 Model 6-39 H Touring Car, 6-39 K Tourster and a 6-39 Roadster. Two closed automobiles included a Auburn 6-39 Sedan five passenger and a 6-39 Coupe both selling for $2,475.00.

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