The Atlas Automobile & The Atlas Motor Car Co.

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The Atlas Motor Car Co.
Springfield, MA

The story of this New England American Automobile manufacturer began in 1896 when Harry A. Knox designed and built a four cylinder engine for the Overman automobile. The Overman was build by The Overman Wheel Co. (1899-1900). The Overman automobile was the foundation for the Knox automobile.

The Knox automobile was built from 1900 to 1915. However Harry Knox left the Knox Automobile Company in 1904 over some disagreement and formed the Knox Motor Truck Co. The previous Knox company forced Harry Knox to abandon the name Knox with his manufacturing activities and the company was renamed The Atlas Motor Car Co.

1909 Atlas
1909 Atlas – The Atlas Motor Car Co.

The 1909 Atlas was equipped with 2 cycle two and three cylinder engines. Two cylinder Runabouts and three cylinder Runabouts were produced. In addition three cylinder Town Cars, Delivery Wagons and Taxicabs. The most popular of all the Atlas automobiles was a Touring Car also equipped with three cylinder Knox engines.

Atlas Five Passenger Touring Car and Taxicab
Atlas Five Passenger Touring Car and Taxicab

Features of early Atlas automobiles included a three speed selective sliding gear transmission, 110 inch wheelbase, Atwater-Kent ignition, 34 inch wheels and tires plus oil lamps and acetylene lamps.

1911 Atlas
1911 Atlas

The Atlas Line for 1911 included the new Torpedo design and larger two cycle engines. Torpedo Touring Car, Tonneau and Fore-door Sedan of 40 horsepower were built. In addition 20 horsepower Runabouts, Delivery Wagons and Taxicabs were produced. Prices ranged from
$1250.00 to $2500.00.

60 Horsepower Atlas Automobiles
60 Horsepower Atlas Automobiles

By 1911 or 1912 the Atlas automobile were equipped larger Knight engines. In this advertisement Atlas automobiles were equipped with 60 horsepower engines. However it is not know weather or not these were the Knight engines. Still built by the Atlas Motor Car Co. the Atlas automobile was renamed the Atlas-Knight.

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