The Atlas-Knight Automobile & The Atlas Motor Car Co.

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The Atlas Motor Car Co.
Springfield, Massachusetts

The Atlas-Knight was a continuation of the Atlas automobile also built in Springfield, Massachusetts from 1907-1911. Harry A. Knox was the driving force behind both the Atlas and the Atlas-Knight.

The Knight engine replaced the obsolete two cycle engine of its predecessor

The new Knight engine was a four cycle four cylinder cast in pairs. This big engine had a 4 1/2 inch bore and a 5 1/2 inch stroke and equiped with a electric seat-starter. This unique engine developed 50 horsepower at 1200 RPM.

1912 Atlas-Knight Touring Car
1912 Atlas-Knight Touring Car

1912 Atlas-Knight features included a Stromberg carbureter, Raybestos clutch, Timken front axle and Timken adjustable bearings, two sets of brakes – one internal and one external, 130 wheel base, 37 x 5 inch wheels and tires. Standard equipment included spare demountable rim, imported silk mohair top, adjustable glass windshield, speedometer, trunk rack, tire holder, tools, electric lights. The transmission case is part of the rear axle and the rear axle was full floating with a worm drive.

1919 Buick Touring Car
1919 Buick Touring Car

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