The Ariel Automobile & The Ariel Motor Car Co.

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The Ariel Motor Car Co.
Boston, MA & Bridgeport, CT

The Ariel was an American Automobile with a distinctive oval radiator produced in Boston, MA & Bridgeport, CT from 1905 to 1907. Only a few four passenger Touring Car were produced. The Ariel was priced at about $2500.00.

In its day the Ariel attracted much attention by it’s pleasing and distinctive appearance of it’s oval radiator and cast aluminum dash.

The Ariel Motor Car Co. slogan wanted the consumer to “Look For The Oval Front” and “The Car With The Oval Front”. In 1907 the make was changed to Maryland. Features included a 100 inch wheelbase, 33 inch wheels and tires, jump spark ignition and was capable of 45 MPH.

1905 Ariel
1905 Ariel Automobile

The engine in the Ariel was a water cooled four cylinder four cycle rated at 30 horsepower. The Ariel was one of the first to use a over head cam on it’s engines. It the advertisement below Ariel claimed that their 30 horsepower engine – “Is As Fast On Hills As Most Cars Are On The Level”.

1906 Ariel
1906 Ariel Advertisement

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