The American Tri-Car & The Tri Car Co. of America

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American Tri-Car
Tri Car Co. of America
Denver, Colorado

This American Automobile had three wheels, a single rear wheel drive, rear wheel steering and one wheel braking. The American Tri-Car was built in Denver, Colorado in 1912 only by The Tri Car Co. of America.

Other features of the model A American Tri-Car include a Renault type hood, two cylinder air cooled engine and a planetary type transmission. The company went out of business by the end of 1912.

1901 Oldsmobile Runabout
1912 American Tri-Car

We are looking for additional American Tri-Car photographs or vintage advertising for this web page. In the mean time enjoy this 1911 American Automobile photograph and a George Booss fashionable motor coats advertisement from a vintage 1907 magazine.

1911 American Automobile
1911 American Automobile

1907 George Booss Russian Pony Motor Coats
1907 George Booss Russian Pony Motor Coats

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