The American Motor Sleigh & The American Motor Sleigh Co.

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American Motor Sleigh
The American Motor Sleigh Co.
Boston, MA

The American Motor Sleigh was made by the American Motor Sleigh Co of Boston, MA in 1905. The American Motor Sleigh was propelled by a single cylinder air cooled engine rated at 4 1/2 horsepower. The vehicle is mounted on four runners in place of conventional wheels, the forward pair being used for steering. It was designed for travel on snow

The driving power is supplied to the ground by means of a pronged wheel, which are operated by a system of chains from the motor in the front of the American Motor Sleigh. Speed of 15 miles per hour were possible. The American Motor Sleigh was advertised as “The Novelty of the Year” in 1905. The novelty had apparently worn off by 1906 and very few were sold.

1905 American Motor Sleigh
1905 American Motor Sleigh

We are looking for additional American Motor Sleigh photographs or vintage advertising for this web page. In the mean time enjoy this Texaco ad from a vintage 1932 magazine.

1932 Texaco Advertisement
1932 Texaco Advertisement

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