The American Mors Automobile & The St. Louis Car Co.

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American Mors
The St. Louis Car Co.
St. Louis, MO

The American Mors was an American Automobile of French design. It was built by The St. Louis Car Co. of St Louis, MO with a
French license. Three American Mors models were produced by The St. Louis Motor Car Co.

In 1909 The St. Louis Car Co. introduced an American Automobile of their own design called the Standard Six.

1907 American Mors Advertisement
1907 American Mors Advertisement

Three models were offered in this 1907 American Mors advertisement. All were Touring Cars. One was a 14-18 horsepower engine and was priced at $3,000.00. The second American Mors was a 24-32 horsepower car that sold for $5,000.00. Then there was the powerful 40-52 horsepower car that was priced at $6,000.00. Some American Mors taxicabs were also made.

1913 Haynes Touring Car
1913 Haynes Touring Car

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