The American Mercedes Automobile & The Daimler Mfg. Co.

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American Mercedes
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Long Island City, NY

The American Mercedes was an exact duplicate of the Mercedes created in 1900 and built in Germany.

The Mercedes Brand was able to establish itself in the American Automobile market. However, high shipping cost and customs duties of almost 45 percent were an obstacle for sales in the United States.

In 1904 Mercedes formed the The Daimler Mfg. Co. in Long Island City, NY for local production that would give the Mercedes a more competitive edge in the U.S. The first American Mercedes rolled of the assembly lines later that year, appeared in the American Automobile market place and at National Automobile shows in New York.

1904 American Mercedes
1904 American Mercedes

Early American Mercedes were equipped with four cylinder engines that were rated at 45 horsepower and had a four speed transmission. The American Mercedes was an exact duplicate part for part of the 1904-1907 Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft produced Mercedes.

1905 American Mercedes
1905 American Mercedes

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